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Waste Management in Abu Dhabi Investigated by Sustainable Environmental Technologies

Food waste is an ever going problem in the world, with 22,000 hectares of landfill overflowing in Abu Dhabi alone. The depth and scope of this issue is highlighted further after our research. The reality of our landfills suggests that 40% of this accumulated waste is brought on by wasted food that could have been composted and recycled. SET’s findings also conclude that the trickle effect of food waste emits 20-25% carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. It is apparent that food waste needs to be reduced and recycled, as this type of food waste is a very much preventable problem. In this article, we will discuss why reducing food waste is so important as well as how you can reduce waste utilizing Reddonatura and SmartCara technology. Reddonatura and SmartCara are the world’s leading food waste solution providers, aiming to reduce food waste and recycle this into green compost. Should you be interested in finding out more information regarding waste management in Abu Dhabi or recycling ideas in Abu Dhabi then contact Sustainable Environmental Technologies today or call our head office on: +971 (2) 6222 621

Food Waste – A Preventable Problem

The main issue that arises when looking to reduce the amount of food that is wasted rather than recycled is changing people’s attitudes towards their food waste. Garbage to Green is an important message to encourage and inspire others to recycle their food waste rather than send this to landfill. This philosophy encourages breathing life back to waste which presents a unique opportunity for us to re-nourish the planet. With the output waste within our communities growing at an alarming rate, the responsibility of individuals and businesses to make decisions on reducing waste is becoming more and more important. One of our major goals & focuses here at SET is to motivate today’s consumer to voice their opinions to make changes for the sustainability of the environment, utilizing food composting and recycling technology to massively reduce the amount of food waste that they output. So how can individuals and businesses use this technology?

Using Reddonatura and SmartCara to Reduce Food Waste

SET SmartCara and Reddonatura is simple to operate. The bucket is filled with food scraps which can even include cooked food waste, small bones, meat and fish. After the bucket has been filled you can turn on the machine and in a few hours SmartCara & Reddonatura will have drawn out 80% of water from the waste. This leaves a lightweight substance that can be lit as a fuel or used as compost for a fertilizer. The ease of use of SET Reddonatura and SmartCara results in a food waste recycling machine that reduces your food waste in a green and environmentally friendly way. Reddonatura is one of the most recognized in Integrated Waste Management and the difference in size of these units results in a waste management solution that can be used by businesses. This has resulted in a marque list of clients and partners that are utilizing this technology.

Problems With Additional Pollutants

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The November edition of our blog looks closely at the additional problems that we have with additional pollutants as well as what we can do to stop them.

Air pollution is prevalent in most developing countries. With the rapid expansion of the UAE (being the fastest growing country in the Middle East), there is naturally an increased level of air pollution due to construction projects and increased use and requirement for transportation. The implications of outdoor air pollution include the development of breathing difficulties. Individuals who are elderly or children will also suffer as they are more sensitive to the pollutants. Individuals with asthma, lung and heart disease will also find it difficult to breathe in areas in which outdoor pollution is prevalent. An often unknown aspect of air pollution is that indoor air pollution (particularly in homes) is more commonplace than outdoor pollution. A study by the EPA suggested that air inside homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air which demonstrates the potential dangers that are inside your home. Household chemicals can produce harmful gasses which are confined to unventilated spaces in your home. These chemicals can cause a range of health issues so it is therefore important that your home is well ventilated when using these particular chemicals. But how can we take action against both outdoor and indoor air pollution? This problem is potentially getting bigger with businesses and individuals looking for innovative solutions to reducing overall air pollution.

Taking Action Against Air Pollution

There’s a wide range of sources of indoor air pollutants which all cause harmful gasses and chemicals to be released into the air of your home. These include cooking pans, air conditioning units, perfumes, fumigation services, soaps, nail polish, stoves, carpets, baby milk bottles as well as toothpaste. These common appliances and products are used throughout many homes and these can all cause a range of pollutants to be present in your home. The effects on humans range from causing breathing difficulties to cancers caused by carcinogenic substances. We can look to combat indoor air pollution by reducing the number of harmful gasses released into our homes as well as ensuring that areas in your home are well ventilated. Smartcara technology can be utilized to reduce the amount of waste produced organically which can reduce certain gasses from being released throughout your home. To combat outdoor pollution, businesses can look to reduce the number of pollutants that they generate. This could be reflected in looking for cleaner energy sources and alternative fuel sources for machinery and vehicles. Careful development and environmental responsibility are very much important when we are looking to reduce outdoor pollution at the source. This is becoming more and more important, especially when looking towards the rapid expansion and construction works going on throughout the UAE. Once businesses and individuals are aware of the issues of air pollution, action can be taken to directly combat air pollution and prevent the negative health implications that many are suffering from due to dirty air.

Change Your Garbage to Green With SET Today

We are responsible for our planet and therefore need to protect it and reduce the organic waste sent to landfill. Household food waste comprises the largest source of waste generated by households being up to 61% of the waste generated. SET SmartCara and Reddonatura reduce food waste at the source by changing this food waste into green and environmentally compost. This technology is easy to use and uses innovative multiple carbon filters to eliminate foul smells during the composting process. SmartCara saves energy through a revolutionary use of sensor systems. These sensors automatically measure the food waste by volume and by checking dehydration levels at regular intervals, saves time and energy. Should you be wanting to turn your garbage to green utilizing SET SmartCara and Reddonatura then enquire with us today. Should you require waste management in Abu Dhabi or solutions for recycling in Abu Dhabi then contact the team at SET today or telephone us now on: +971 (2) 6222 621

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