Sustainable Environmental Technologies turning ‘FOOD WASTE TO FOOD RESOURCES’

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Sustainable Environmental Technologies turning ‘FOOD WASTE TO FOOD RESOURCES’

| Amrita Ramona Shabla

Well, in the UAE, as you know, we have people living and working from all over the world. So one of the challenges we have, on the cultural side, is the assertiveness and view of many diverse nationalities; so the awareness is important and working on changing attitudes of individuals towards recycling and waste is a task. But we continue to effectively overcome several of challenges day by day and implementing creativities that SET and the UAE as a country are accomplishing through time.

The region, not just the UAE, is going through a rapid increase, which leads to also growing population; this has led to the high waste generation per capita. But the UAE and Abu Dhabi, where we are based, has been doing a lot to tackle this challenge and, of course, requires a lot of education for people to recycle, to reduce waste by using ‘SmartCARA SET’ technology and achieving up to a 96% reduction of food waste at source and resolving such issues as harming the Marine, the environment and health of humanity.

SET ‘Sustainable Environmental Technologies’ is still a new company, we established the company late this year 2016 but planning for 5-10 years within the development, research. SET made sure to conduct substantial lab research, data, stats and analytics before establishment within the United Arab Emirates. Since the establishment we have been looking at setting up the infrastructure to tackle the problem not of the ‘food waste’ because we already brought the solution to the UAE to achieve ‘0 Landfill’, the challenge is, and will be, to break the awareness into the community and really educate our generation and our younger generation.

SET is implementing programs throughout Schools and communities to educate the population on the environment, recycling and on SET’s innovating solution that changes ‘Food Waste to Food Resources’ (which is our technology SmartCARA SET) to help us to achieve our mission, vision and goal for the United Arab Emirates.

SET has its office in Abu Dhabi and has globally spread around the UK, EUROPE, USA, AND ASIA, so there’s lot of cooperation surrounding our mission and now it’s time to involve the different emirates and the entire country as a whole in leading the way when it comes to sustainable development through our innovating technology and solution ‘SmartCARA SET’.

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