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Sustainable Environmental Technologies is incorporation with ‘Her Highness Sheikha Alyazia Bint Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan’ with the goal of reducing waste in the UAE

SET conducted years of research and development to study solutions against organic waste. SET today can reduce by up to 97% and the residue (3% left) may be used as a highly nutrient organic fertilizer. The product varies in size suiting households, commercials and industries depending on the amount of waste produced. We are in partnership with several governments across GCC where they have adopted our technologies and hereby promote sustainability with SET.

SET ‘Product Solutions’ transforms organic waste into compost that you can use, sell or sent back to us. The goal of our products is to save the environment as well as help organizations save money by reducing transportation and waste costs. SET gives the opportunity for businesses to reinvest their cost savings to the growth of the organization by simply reducing, reusing and recycling.

Mona | Household Product Solutions

By reducing food waste by up to 90% within 3-4
hours in the comfort of your home. Mona allows for
sanitary, odorless ‘Soil Enhance’ that can be used
to grow ‘Organic” Fruits and Vegetables, saving
on consumables.

SPS | SET Product Solutions

SPS is the larger industrial range focused on B2B and B2G.
SPS Industrial range helps organizations to manage waste in
an efficient, economical manner that aims to reduce organic
waste at source by up to 97% and in return
gain large cost savings

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