Recycling Dubai

Recycling Dubai

Recycling in Dubai Investigated by Sustainable Environmental Technologies

The huge issue caused globally by waste and garbage is growing which is a worrying fact. Through the careful work of many organizations across the world, the importance and need to recycle waste and other materials is becoming highlighted in a more clear manner. This is paving the way for a greener future in which recycling is at the forefront of the minds of individuals and of companies. Whether a company is a commercial or industrial company, they have a responsibility for the waste that they produce. For individuals or households, the amount of food waste and waste created in the home also needs to be reduced by recycling. For both businesses and individuals, SET has developed the ideal solution to organic waste. Our innovative food composting machines reduce waste to 1/10th of its original size, whilst also reducing organic waste to a compost that can be used for gardening. In this article, we will discuss why it has become so important for recycling to be promoted and followed up on globally as well as why we carried out 10 years of research to create our innovative solutions to food waste. Should you be interested in finding out more about recycling in Dubai or if you are looking for recycling ideas in Dubai then be sure to contact Sustainable Environmental Technologies today or telephone us now on: +971 (2) 6222 621

The Need to Recycle

The need to recycle is becoming more and more important. We need to ensure that we are looking after the planet as well as working towards a greener future for future generations. This starts with tackling waste that is produced by businesses, by sectors such as agriculture and industry as well as reducing the amount of organic waste that is produced at home. One reason that recycling needs to be adopted is the pollution of the planet. There are several common types of materials that take many years to biodegrade, causing waste to build up further. Organic waste causes the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere from the decomposition process. Decay of organic waste releases C02 for example which is one of the main causes of global warming. Recycling organic waste by using innovative food waste recycling solutions is the ideal way to recycle waste without the need for decomposition and release of Carbon Dioxide. Compost is also created from this process of recycling, which is a much greener solution to dumping waste into landfill.

How Reddonatura & SmartCara Technology Will Reduce Food Waste

The technology that is offered in our Reddonatura & SmartCara food composting machines completely changes the way that we can view and deal with organic waste. Our findings at SET suggest that the trickle effect of food waste emits 20% – 25% of carbon dioxide and our food waste composting machines aim to tackle this issue head-on. SET SmartCara & Reddonatura is simple to operate and will happily deal with cooked food waste, meat, fish and even small bones. Simply fill the bucket and in a few hours, 80% of the water will have been drawn out from the food, leaving a lightweight substance. This can be burned as a carbon neutral fuel or used as a soil enhancer. The simplicity and technology which makes the holding chamber odorless indicates the usefulness of our food waste composting machines. We need to reduce the amount of food and organic waste that is going to landfill as these sources of waste are completely recyclable. Businesses and individuals have a huge influence on the future of the planet and moving towards greener solutions and attitudes towards our waste is the best course of action to protect the planet.

Unite to Recycle Food & Organic Waste

The January edition of our article takes a closer look as to how individuals and businesses can work together to recycle and change the way that the world sees food waste.

Food Recycling Machine DubaiA question that people may often ask is can we actually recycle all of our organic waste? Although this seems like a difficult prospect as attitudes towards food waste will need to change, it is entirely possible. We are already seeing promising results with changes in the ways that individuals and businesses view their food waste. Due to increased global interest, people are starting to realise that food waste is a huge and completely preventable problem. In the past, waste was discarded and sent to landfill with little thought as to what happened after this point. However, now that awareness has increased in recycling, the attitudes of many have changed to the point where many are putting recycling at the forefront of their operations. With the environmental impact and risks that are associated with sending waste to landfill, combined with growing awareness; solutions are being brought forward to deal with the huge problem that food waste poses. Especially with environmental factors taking a turn for the worse in recent times, it’s more important than ever for businesses and individuals to find sensible green ways to deal with their organic waste. In Dubai and the UAE, development is happening at a rapid rate. This is why it is more important than ever for Dubai and the UAE to investigate and adopt sustainable solutions for organic and food waste.

Organic Waste Recycling For Businesses and the Home

Whether you are looking to reduce the amount of food waste that is generated by your business or recycle the food waste that is produced at home, SET has developed the solution. As previously discussed, we have developed technology that can easily reduce the amount of food waste that is produced. But why is this important? Because utilising our food composting machines will massively reduce and recycle the amount of organic waste that is produced. Due to the fact that our food composting machines are simple to operate, it’s also not difficult to make the transition from throwing food waste away to recycling the food waste using one of our innovative machines. Arguably one of the main issues that we face in the fight against waste is changing attitudes towards how waste is handled and disposed of. Although we are seeing positive progress in changing the way that people view waste, it’s often seen as more difficult to recycle in comparison to just throwing waste away but with our food waste composting machines, this isn’t the case. There are various types of waste that can be recycled using our SmartCara & Reddonatura machines which is again a concern that some have when recycling. Due to the range of organic waste that can be recycled, our food waste recycling machines can be used by any individual that is looking to recycle or reduce their organic waste.

Reduce Your Food Waste & Recycle

The need to recycle is becoming more and more important. The need to recycle plastics and glass is common practice for many households and businesses, so food waste is another source of waste that needs to be addressed on a global scale. Plastics have a great amount of time taken for decomposition as well as glass. Organic waste takes a less amount of time to decompose but poses a threat to the atmosphere in the form of C02 that is released from the decomposition process. We need to act against the growing problem of organic waste and address this issue in a similar manner to the way in which we are approaching issues with plastics and glass. We are responsible for making the planet a greener and cleaner place for future generations and this starts with taking action against organic waste produced by businesses and individuals alike. If you are interested in finding out further information regarding recycling in Dubai or if you are looking to begin waste recycling in Dubai for your home or business then contact Sustainable Environmental Technologies today or enquire online now.

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