Recycling Abu Dhabi

Recycling Abu Dhabi

Recycling Abu Dhabi

Why We Need to Encourage Recycling in Abu Dhabi Discussed by SET

The need to recycle in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE is becoming more and more important. With the ongoing issue with organic waste, we need to take action. Dangerous and greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Dioxide (C02) and Methane. (CH4) Whether you desire to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfill or wish to increase your recycling activities in the home, Sustainable Environmental Technologies have developed an advanced solution for your household or business.   In this article, we will discuss how you can use our food compost recycling machines to reduce the amount of waste created in your household or within your business as well as how we all can work together in ensuring that the amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites and is thrown away is reduced rather than disposed of. Should you be looking for recycling in Abu Dhabi or recycling ideas in Abu Dhabi then ensure that you contact Sustainable Environmental Technologies via our website or telephone our team now on: +971 (2) 6222 621

Landfill Is Not Just an Eyesore

One of the most common issues that are caused by landfill is the fact that they are ‘eyesores’ or are unattractive to look at. The creation of landfill sites can also ruin the areas around the site, with foul odors and attracting animals that thrive within the waste. As the UAE is quickly developing, taking action against the way that we dispose of waste is also important as we can institute a cleaner approach rather than the more archaic methods of waste disposal. Apart from being unattractive, landfill sites and other waste disposal areas also produce health risks for municipalities. Disease can be widespread in these areas within flies that feed on the waste and rats that also feed on waste. There are also air pollution implications of landfill sites as well as the fact that C02 & CH4 is produced as a natural by-product of the decomposing of food. Although many individuals’ and businesses’ concerns are the way that landfill sites look, the greenhouse gasses that are produced and the disease that can spread away from these sites are also of high priority. Taking action against food waste not only reduces the amount of organic waste sent to landfill, it protects the planet from the effects of global warming.

Sustainable Environmental Technology’s Solution

Our solution is to promote recycling of food & organic waste as well as offer individuals and businesses the technology they require to easily recycle their food and organic waste. Our SmartCara and Reddonatura machines are designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. In terms of industrial applications, our products can be utilized for Houses, Offices, Exhibition, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, IT Parks, Small Buildings Apartment Complex, Schools, Hotels and Municipalities. Whatever your requirements are for the recycling of your organic and food waste, Sustainable Environmental Technology have the products to help you in this endeavor. Our food composting machines are simple to operate, operating by simply filling the bucket of the machine, operating the machine and then leave it for a few hours. After this process has been carried out, 80% of the water will have been drawn from the food and the mass will be 1/10th of the original size. This reduces the organic and food waste into a compost which can be used for gardening or fuel applications. This simple yet effective way to recycle your food waste may seem like a small step to make in the grand scheme of things, but if we work together to encourage recycling across Abu Dhabi, we can all make a difference and move forwards towards a greener future.

Food Waste Recycling for Businesses

The January edition of our article investigates how businesses and households can make a difference by recycling their food waste.

Food Recycling Machine Abu Dhabi

Businesses across many industries tend to generate a lot of waste in general. Whether this be waste that is caused by workers carrying out regular activities or waste caused by meetings or other events. Businesses are now able to utilise innovative food waste recycling solutions to ensure that they can reduce the amount of food waste that is sent to landfill. As businesses generate a vast amount of different types of waste, recycling solutions often need to be thought out and implemented across the business. Changing the way that your organisation views and disposes of waste is the first step in implementing recycling solutions for your business. The SET r-Nature Waste Solution offers food composting machines that range from 25KG to 10 Tons, being the perfect solution for many types of businesses in many sectors. Whether you are generating a small amount of waste that needs to be removed or if you are a catering business that generates a vast amount of waste then there is a food composting machine  suitable for your business. Our cutting edge solution to food waste aims to tackle the production of the food waste at the source. We provide a technology that reduces food waste by up to 90% leaving 10% compost which can be used for organic purposes. The amount of compost that is produced is larger for the amount of food that is processed, which can benefit a vast number of industries depending on the amount of compost that is produced.

Household Food Waste Recycling Solutions

The home is another area in which there is a potential to generate a vast amount of food waste. Preparing food also generates an additional amount of waste that would usually be thrown in the trash and disposed as garbage to send to a landfill site. As a commercial machine may be too heavy duty for your personal household waste, one of our home products is more suitable for your organic food waste. These food waste composting machines are also designed to be hygienic and healthy. Undisposed food in your home is often the target for pests that can carry diseases, such as flies, mice and other insects. These pests also contribute to a dirty environment, utilising one of our SmartCara food composting machines ensures that you can dispose of your food waste in a safe and green manner. Again, these machines reduce your food waste to 1/10th of its original mass and this ensures that your food waste is recycled and reduced into an environmentally friendly compost. The carbon filters that are included within the SmartCara technology also cause smart deodorisation which in turn ensures that food does not emit a foul smell when stored in your machine before composting begins. These innovative food composting machines are the ideal way to reduce the amount of food waste in your home and to ensure that your food waste is being recycled.

Start Recycling Your Food Waste Today

Working with SET, you can begin recycling food waste in a simple and fully effective manner utilizing our products. Whether you are looking for cleaner ways to recycle waste for your business or if you are looking to reduce the amount of organic waste that you are throwing away at home then SET is the future. Furthermore, this technique is a simple way to recycle your food waste as well as take action against the amount of food waste that is being sent to landfill. Taking action against this is a great step forward towards a greener future and if businesses and individuals work together then this is very achievable. Especially with the quick development that is occurring within the UAE, it’s more important than ever that businesses adopt greener approaches to the waste that they produce, instilling this green philosophy into their mindset and the way that they approach their waste. Should you be interested in finding out more about recycling in Abu Dhabi or waste recycling in Abu Dhabi then ensure that you contact Sustainable Environmental Technologies today or call us now on: +971 (2) 6222 621

Waste Recycling Abu DhabiWaste Recycling Abu Dhabi

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