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SET r-Nature Waste Solution ranges from 25KG all the way up to 10Tons, all being fully automatic 3 in 1 composing machines.

The UAE is facing a major crisis in waste as the population is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years where over 22,000 hectares of landfill (In Abu Dhabi alone) are overflown to this date. In specific, food waste is directly sent to the landfill and dumped with no measures put in place. The process of landfilling food waste emits methane gas which is 25x more harmful than CO2 emissions.

After years of research, SET has come up with a cutting-edge solution to food waste, where the process of landfilling can be diverted. To minimize waste, one should tackle it from source. Hence, SET provides a technology which reduces food waste by up to 90% and the residue (10% left) may be used as a highly nutrient organic fertilizer, marketed as 100% Compost. The product varies in size suiting households, commercial, government and various of industries depending on the amount of waste produced.

Capacities: 2kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 75kg, 125kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1250kg and up to 10 Tons. For the larger units, a bespoke made (customized) unit is manufactured as per the client’s requirement.

Here’s an idea

Give lift to today’s waste, for a greener tomorrow.

SET r-Nature Industrial Solutions have series of products that are efficient, economical and eco-friendly. It is now easier than ever to subscribe the name and philosophy of ‘Reddonatura’ meaning, giving back to ‘Mother Nature’.

SET r-Nature helps you manage your waste in an efficient, economical manner, the aim is to reduce food waste at source by up to 90%. You can place all types of ‘Organic Matter’ into the solution from: Chicken Bones, Egg Shells, Ingredients, Vegetables, fruits, Garden Waste, Sludge/ Animal Waste and the list goes on. SET r-Nature has developed a solution that can deal with all organic matters and not just eliminate one aspect of it, this is what SET is known to do;
‘Solving the whole process of ‘Organic Waste’ and closing the loop.’

Turning ‘Food Waste into Food Resources’ is the importance of SET’s vision towards diverting from landfill and achieving the goals of 2021.

“Reducing, Reusing and Recycling”

Where we come from, we shall return. Garbage to green is a philosophy that encourages breathing life back to waste. It represents the endless possibilities we have to re-nourish the planet. It is a way of life, where we turn our everyday waste into a greener place for generations to come.

The rNature is fully automatic
Empty the vessel once a week
3 in one System (Duel Blade Shredder/ Organic Separator/ The Vessel)
100% Compost
Natural occurring enzymes (only added once upon installation for the whole life cycle)

SET r-Natura is one of the world’s leading food waste solution providers. Our success is driven by our hopes of moving towards green renewable sustainable solutions for our everyday use and that begins with an environmental sound solution to transform waste into something useful.

A decentralized approach towards the treatment of organic waste is the need of the hour. Primarily, the producers of r-Nature, Reddonatura is one of the foremost players in Integrated Waste Management, with a marque list of Clients and Partners, and over 300 installations of OWCs in varied capacities across India, we have successfully rendered the journey of Garbage to Green seamlessly.

SET r-Nature reduces organic matter by up to 90% through its 3 in 1 technology, turning food waste into 100% Compost.

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