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Recycling Dubai

Recycling in Dubai Investigated by Sustainable Environmental Technologies The huge issue caused globally by waste and garbage is growing which is a worrying fact. Through the careful work of many organizations across the world, the importance and need to recycle waste and other materials is becoming highlighted in a more clear manner. This is paving the way for a greener future in which recycling is at the forefront of the minds of individuals and of companies. Whether a company is [...]

Recycling Abu Dhabi

Recycling Abu Dhabi

Why We Need to Encourage Recycling in Abu Dhabi Discussed by SET The need to recycle in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE is becoming more and more important. With the ongoing issue with organic waste, we need to take action. Dangerous and greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Dioxide (C02) and Methane. (CH4) Whether you desire to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfill or wish to increase your recycling activities in the home, Sustainable Environmental Technologies have [...]

Innovative Waste Management Abu Dhabi

Waste Management Abu Dhabi

Waste Management in Abu Dhabi Investigated by Sustainable Environmental Technologies Food waste is an ever going problem in the world, with 22,000 hectares of landfill overflowing in Abu Dhabi alone. The depth and scope of this issue is highlighted further after our research. The reality of our landfills suggests that 40% of this accumulated waste is brought on by wasted food that could have been composted and recycled. SET’s findings also conclude that the trickle effect of food waste emits [...]

Eco Waste 2018

Ecowaste 2018

SET are proud to announce that we will be attending and have a stand at Ecowaste 2018 The team at Sustainable Environmental Technologies are proud to be attending and exhibiting at the EcoWaste 2018 Exhibition (part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week) This is a fantastic opportunity to continue to discuss the growing global issue of food waste as well as discussing how our technology is designed to tackle this issue. This Exhibition is a chance for companies, businesses, governments and individuals to gather and explore [...]

Innovative Waste Management Dubai

Waste Management Dubai

Waste Management Solutions in Dubai Discussed by SET High demand for food products and other essentials is directly contributing to the rising amount of littering and generated waste. The impact of food waste is evident in cities across the globe with governments and other bodies looking for solutions to reduce the amount of food waste that is being generated. The environmental impact of food waste is extensive with a whole range of environmental implications being associated with different types of [...]

Recycling Machines Dubai

Sustainable Environmental Technologies turning ‘FOOD WASTE TO FOOD RESOURCES’

  | Amrita Ramona Shabla Well, in the UAE, as you know, we have people living and working from all over the world. So one of the challenges we have, on the cultural side, is the assertiveness and view of many diverse nationalities; so the awareness is important and working on changing attitudes of individuals towards recycling and waste is a task. But we continue to effectively overcome several of challenges day by day and implementing creativities that SET and [...]

Recycling Machines Abu Dhabi

Discarded food effects on wildlife.

  | byRichard.C New research indicates that the food discarded in landfills and at sea is having a profound effect on wildlife populations and fisheries. But removing that food waste creates its own ecological challenges. The world wastes more than $750 billion worth of food every year and 1.6 billion tons of food left in farm fields, sent to landfills, or otherwise scattered across the countryside, plus another seven million tons of fishery discards at sea. That waste has gotten a [...]

Abu Dhabi Recycling Machine


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