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Recycling Machines Dubai

Sustainable Environmental Technologies turning ‘FOOD WASTE TO FOOD RESOURCES’

  | Amrita Ramona Shabla Well, in the UAE, as you know, we have people living and working from all over the world. So one of the challenges we have, on the cultural side, is the assertiveness and view of many diverse nationalities; so the awareness is important and working on changing attitudes of individuals towards recycling and waste is a task. But we continue to effectively overcome several of challenges day by day and implementing creativities that SET and [...]

Recycling Machines Abu Dhabi

Discarded food effects on wildlife.

  | byRichard.C New research indicates that the food discarded in landfills and at sea is having a profound effect on wildlife populations and fisheries. But removing that food waste creates its own ecological challenges. The world wastes more than $750 billion worth of food every year and 1.6 billion tons of food left in farm fields, sent to landfills, or otherwise scattered across the countryside, plus another seven million tons of fishery discards at sea. That waste has gotten a [...]

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